Jakes of Sunnyvale
a sunnyvale landmark

Jake's Sunnyvale

Good food, and plenty of it! That's what you'll find at Jake's Sunnyvale restaurant. Customers have been enjoying good food and good times here for more that 20 years. Enjoy casual dining in a friendly atmosphere. The perfect meeting place for lunch, a family night out, or the rendevous spot for your sports team!

Come to Jake's of Sunnyvale to
enjoy a tradition of good food
and great value.

Enjoy a family night out, catch
the latest sports on our large
screen TV or pick a booth in a
quiet corner for a glass of wine
and conversaton while the kids
take in the videogame

Groups Welcome!
Reservations are welcome
Sunday thru Thursday nights,
and before 4:00 PM on Friday
and Saturday.
Note: Occasionally Sunday
evening reservations may not
be available.

Come for the food, stay for the